It’s the New Look

Well, I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t a massive New Look lover, but now I’m hooked! Back in my youth I lived for New Look, neon coloured maxi skirts and wild crop tops. I don’t know what’s more trendy, the watermelon/floral Lycra number, the bright pink maxi skirt with a £1 Primark belt, […]

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Vintage feel. 🍍

Vintage feel. 🍍 by khristiemarielawton featuring dog home decor Adidas top£27 – Dolce Gabbana brown fur coat£2,800 – Sea, New York cuff pants£225 – Adidas Originals perforated sneaker£60 – Patent leather purse£59 – 70s home decor£1,320 – Dog home decor£25 –

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Mules. by khristiemarielawton featuring a tie blouse Montana tie blouse£315 – Pale blue M.i.h Jeans cat Malone Souliers heeled mules shoes£355 – Dolce Gabbana rose Krewe round mirrored sunglasses£205 –

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