It’s the New Look

Well, I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t a massive New Look lover, but now I’m hooked! Back in my youth I lived for New Look, neon coloured maxi skirts and wild crop tops. I don’t know what’s more trendy, the watermelon/floral Lycra number, the bright pink maxi skirt with a ¬£1 Primark belt, […]

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Laura Siegel high street recreation

  Laura Siegel high street recreation by khristiemarielawton featuring garden decor Glamorous slip-on shoes Boohoo shopping bag ¬£15¬†–¬† Silver jewelry ¬£1.83¬†–¬† Ear cuff earrings ¬£4.81¬†–¬† Quay sunglasses ¬£37¬†–¬† Barbour hat Nexus Black With White Vein Marble 12×12 Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor… ¬£14¬†–¬† Small item storage ¬£115¬†–¬† Improvements garden decor ¬£16¬†–¬† Green home decor […]

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