It’s the New Look

Well, I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t a massive New Look lover, but now I’m hooked! Back in my youth I lived for New Look, neon coloured maxi skirts and wild crop tops. I don’t know what’s more trendy, the watermelon/floral Lycra number, the bright pink maxi skirt with a £1 Primark belt, […]

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Blending is my cardio. 💄

Right, you all saw my previous blog post right? About transforming my friend Hannah? Brill, well this is another blog to help you with the hair and makeup parts. I’ve had so many comments on the transformation saying things along the line of, “I wish I could do makeup like that.” Basically, they’re just comments […]

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☠️ by khristiemarielawton on Polyvore A photographer took loads of photos of real-life couples kissing and… Beach Linie Design Blackford Forest20× Willow Smith Releases Surprise Debut Album AUS Strateas.Carlucci Runway Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

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💣 by khristiemarielawton featuring a hex light Hex light£280 – Glass home decor£155 – Jayson Home interior wall decor£150 – Stag wall art£145 – ICanvas bird canvas painting£46 – Umbra geometric home Mosaic home decor£17 – Timber wall Cloud wall

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Summer vibe. 🍍💛

Summer vibe. 🍍💛 by khristiemarielawton featuring a canvas poster Billabong beach bikini£36 – Canvas wall art£77 – Yellow plate£41 – Canvas poster£29 – Sky poster£5.65 – Green Leaf, an art print by Nika£16 –

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