View this post on Instagram Last year I piled on four stone and I can’t tell you why, I ate healthy and I was constantly on the go working five jobs. I didn’t want to go out, I didn’t want to go on holiday, nothing. I went to work then back home where I stayed […]

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Tinker Tailor 🎩

Tinker Tailor 🎩 by commonasmuck featuring a white shirt River Island white shirt£37 – Wool Chloé high-waisted pants£685 – Francesco Russo patent leather shoes£370 – J Crew beige

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YEEZY! 👡 by commonasmuck featuring camouflage jackets Yeezy by Kanye West summer top£245 – Yeezy by Kanye West camouflage jacket£605 – Yeezy by Kanye West brown Yeezy by Kanye West heeled boots£555 –

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1940’s by commonasmuck featuring metal wall plaques Balmain zipper dress£2,170 – Fishnet Christian Louboutin black leather booties£805 – Prada crossbody shoulder bag£1,565 – Metal wall plaque£29 – Artificial arrangement£15 – Wall

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