It’s the New Look

Well, I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t a massive New Look lover, but now I’m hooked! Back in my youth I lived for New Look, neon coloured maxi skirts and wild crop tops.

I don’t know what’s more trendy, the watermelon/floral Lycra number, the bright pink maxi skirt with a £1 Primark belt, that 10 kilo necklace or them two birds hanging off my lobes. Either way, its note cute. Luckily, I grew up and fortunately so did my fashion sense. This picture was taken about 5 years ago, and I think it’s probably the last time I shopped in New Look up until this year. Every time I went in the same skirts were there year after year and I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. However, I think it’s definitely upped its Game recently, complete game changer if you ask me.

I’m gonna start off with my absolute bargain of a bag I bought last week, £11.50 in the sale and there was a 25% off everything code that popped up so I dived STRAIGHT in.

Cute right?

Well after buying this little number I decided to have a peak on the New In section and it was probably my worst idea. I’m sat counting down the hours until my student loan comes in so I can ransack the warehouse.

I’m a massive ASOS lover, if I need anything new I’m straight on there. Mainly because it’s so easy, there’s a million different brands and price ranges, I love their own collection. I also love the fact you can buy brands like Monki from their site because not only do I get my student discount, but I pay for Next Day Delivery for the year. Monkis own site has extortionate shipping prices in my eyes, so all hail ASOS. The fashion on ASOS is one on its own for me, it’s not just bodycon dresses like seen on every online fashion website at the moment. 😩 If you want something a little bit different, unique and not necessarily Zara budget, ASOS is the one.

Then along came New Look, its standard of fashion is just up there with ASOS for me now. So I’ve decided to share with you some of my favourite pieces, that are perfect Autumn Winter Essentials and within a working gals budget.

t a perfect mixture to spice up your wardrobe, aye?

This Autumn Winter I'm definitely feeling all black, I mean I feel all black all year round but I mean deep dark black. My pop of colour this season is definitely on the yellow spectrum, I'm feeling the mustards, golds and the dark end of the spectrum being tan.

I love simple and plain fashion, I'm not really into prints unless it's something unique like geometric. I think each piece I've chosen to share with you is simple but effective in its own right. Every piece can be switched up for an evening look or dressed down for a casual look, and of course mix and match with one another.

Price wise, I think it's definitely on par with ASOS, with some pieces being as cheap as Primarni. If you're a throw away fashion type of gal then you really can't go wrong with these prices, especially if you check their website regularly for discount codes.

When this poor gal gets some money in the account I'll be buying some of these pieces, so I'll keep you updated on what I think about them, and whether I'll need to retract every statement in this blog.

So ye, for anyone who's struggling to fill their wardrobe with unique, fashionable pieces for Winter '17, get yourself down to your local New Look store. Or if you're an online shopper like me, download their App from the App Store.

Send me some pictures of your new bits and tag me @khristiemarielawton on Instagram.

Lots of love my old muckas


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