I get a warm heart when I think of Winter β„️

Winter is upon us guys, I know ya’ll are upset at how shocking our Summer has been but … I’M SO EXCITED! I’m such a winter baby, I love nothing more than getting wrapped up in layers and drinking hot cocoa. I mean, any excuse to hide my fat rolls and eat warm fatty food. I hate Summer, like I do look forward to it for some warmth but it’s always such a disappointment. And when it’s actually a nice day, this little tootsie roll does not want to bare it all, I keep my winter body all year round. ✌🏽 I mean, I will start my diet one day soon, I promise… I don’t break promises, but I never indicated how soon. πŸ™„

I’m literally sat writing this all wrapped up in my layers, on a nice chilly day with my flask of coffee, and I soon realised I’m going to Barcelona tomorrow for four days. Thirty degree heat for this winter baby! I mean, hopefully I’ll sweat a stone, right?

So anyway, I’m not just excited for food, hot chocolate, food, fireworks, food, Christmas markets, food, Halloween, oh and food. I’m really excited for Fashion too! 😱 I can’t wait to get my black chunky turtle necks out, team it up with a skirt and some sneakers. This year my statement piece is going to be a Leopard print biker jacket, I can’t for the life of me find one either. 😩 So if ya’ll have any suggestions please let me know, because I’ve looked online everywhere! I’ve put together three different winter looks for you all, all so easy to mix and match and put together for either day or night time.

Now normally I team everything up with trainers, or my fluffy sliders but I’m feeling like I want to go back to my roots, and get the black boots polished up. I’m feeling all black and a statement jacket or something, well I always wear all black but you’ve just got to in winter right?

So here’s my first look I’m having vibes for in winter. Simple yet a statement. Classic but with an edge. This is the exact type of jacket I’m looking for but I can’t find it anywhere, so please help! Unfortunately, I’m back at University next month, so this will definitely be my go to every day look, easy to put together but smart and classic. Pieces like this you can recycle every year, I have so many black turtle necks, tights etc. You can pick them up on the cheap from Boohoo, ASOS, Miss Guided etc.

This is my second choice I put together, yet again quite simple but effective. It’s definitely a day to night outfit. I’m obsessed with these pants, quite hard to come by if you don’t have the money, but it would literally take you five minutes to attach a feather bower to your pants. Bodies are all the rage at the moment, and I’m talking lingerie bodies. I mean, some girls like to show a little more than others, but me personally if you’re going to then at least throw something like a chunky knit over the top… make people question what’s under there opposed to just showing them. Day time team it with a pair of sneakers and take it to night time with a pair of black heeled sandals, perfect.

I’m also thinking of changing my hair colour for winter, I’ve literally tried to go ash blonde for so long. Now I want to go brown, oops. Still gonna keep my ombrΓ©/balayage look, so blonde ends but go darker on my root. Pretty much the picture above is how I want it, I just don’t want to end up looking like Morticia Adams as I’m a fair old lady. πŸ™„

Here’s my last look, casual but easy to dress up. I’m 100% feeling the black, gold, camel combo with a pop of deep autumn colour like the sliders. Now not every day in winter is cold, some days are warmer than summer. So if it’s one of them dead awkward winter/summer days, put them sliders on girl. You can’t wear sandals or flip flops, you always feel silly right, because it’s winter? But sliders are an all rounder, you can definitely get away with them.

Now, please tell me you’re excited for winter after looking at some outfit ideas? I’m so bloody giddy. All tucked up in the first outfit on Bonfire night watching the fireworks and drinking Baileys hot chocolate. 😍

I’ll be posting plenty more inspiration boards on my Polyvore so check it out at ‘commonasmuck’, and keep an eye out on my Instagram @CommonAsMuck

Even though it’s absolutely peeing it down right now, enjoy your last few weeks of Summer!!

Lots of love my old mucka’s


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