Blending is my cardio. πŸ’„

Right, you all saw my previous blog post right? About transforming my friend Hannah? Brill, well this is another blog to help you with the hair and makeup parts. I’ve had so many comments on the transformation saying things along the line of, “I wish I could do makeup like that.” Basically, they’re just comments that are putting down your own ability. I’m not a makeup artist, I don’t pretend to be and I definitely do not have the skill set of one.

However, saying that, I am extremely obsessed with makeup and I did spend a lot of time watching makeup tutorials to help me better my own skills. I don’t watch them as much anymore because of my boyfriend, he says it’s not quality time together when I’m sat watching Desi and Lusterlux on You Tube. Urgh, he’s so selfish.

I do keep up to date with makeup artists on snap chat though, my favourites are ‘desiperkins’, ‘lusterlux’, ‘amrezy’, ‘makeupshayla’ and ‘ourfazinali’. All of them are leading makeup artists in California, they’re the top of their game. Fortunately, they’re down to earth and got a lot of time for their fans, so on snap chat they regularly do snaps of them doing their makeup. Kind of like a behind the scenes thing, and I love it. PLUS, they go to the most amazing events and hang out with leading stars like the Kardashians! Hellooooooooooo, go follow, NOW!

So here’s the before and after pictures of me and Hannah, they were pretty much the same makeup look, just a different colour lipstick etc.

Now, obviously our makeup isn’t of the standard of actual makeup artists, but that is the point of this blog. I want every day women to be able to feel confident enough to put their own makeup on. You see girls that pay Β£20-Β£30 for their makeup done and they just end up looking like a bad competitor on RuPaul’s Drag Race. 😩

I know there will be a few comments on how my makeup is expensive, so they can’t try it. But, this day and age it doesn’t matter how expensive it is, as long as it gets the job done. Drugstore companies are putting in so much work to compete with high end beauty products, and it’s working. I’m not saying the first Drugstore foundation you’ll pick up will be perfect, you may need to try a few before you find the ultimate foundation. I would say I have over thirty foundations and I probably use about five, I buy one because of recommendations but it doesn’t end up doing the justice for my skin.

These are my go to products for cleansing, toning and moisturising my skin before makeup. They’re extremely inexpensive compared to some other products I’ve had over the years, and frankly they’re better. The toner has 5% Glycolic acid in it, which helps to remove that dirty and dead top layer of skin. This leaves a fresher layer making your skin look radiant, it also helps to dry up spots. Now the serum isn’t a must, but I like to use a serum to go deep into the layers, then top with a moisturiser. The Kale Fix is a completely must; I originally had a tester for this and I just fell in love with it. It’s so creamy, nourishing, natural and smells delightful. It hydrates the skin without clogging pores.

I think you can guess the names of the products but if anyone wants details on colours etc, then comment below and I’ll give you the low down.

After moisturising I always use primer, it helps to keep your makeup on for longer. For both of the transformations I used MAC Studio Fix Fluid, blended it in and then applied my favourite concealer in the areas shown below. For a cheap alternative to concealer, L.A Girl concealer is AMAZING, and it’s like Β£5!

Once you’ve created your tribal look it’s time to blend it all in. I use the Real Techniques blending sponge, it’s like Β£6 for two from Boots. I don’t even put my foundation on with a brush anymore, I just use the sponge and … DAB, DAB, DAB!

After it’s all blended in quickly set it all into place with a clean beauty blender, I use MAC setting powder but a great cheap alternative is NYX setting powder, (be careful, it gives flashbacksπŸ“Έ).

Next I like to warm up my face with bronzer using a big fluffy brush, I get the majority of mine from Crown Brush, they’re amazing and well priced. Warm up the temples, your cheeks and anywhere you would naturally tan on holiday.

Then I like to highlight my cheek bones, Cupid bows, eyebrow arch, and tip of the nose. You can find loads of great videos on You Tube to help you with high light and contouring, I definitely recommend one of the above makeup artists.

Practice makes perfect. πŸ’…πŸΌ

I set my brows into place with my gel and I fill in those little empty gaps with my eyebrow pencil. I definitely recommend having your eyebrows HD, it helps to create he perfect eyebrow shape and makes filling them in less traumatic.

The best cheap alternatives to these eyeshadow palettes are most definitely the Morphe collection, you can pick them up on websites such as Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty. However, Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills is my ultimate love. It has every colour that I need to create different types of looks.

Before applying any eyeshadow, you need to use a primer. By far the best primer around is the eyeshadow base my NARS, your eyeshadow will last a lifetime, literally. Well, not literally. πŸ™„

For a golden look like me and Hannah have, I used the neutral matte colours to give the base (Golden Ochre, Warm Taupe). I then deepened the colour by adding warmer colours into the crease, (Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange). Add some darkness to the corner of your eyes and blend in (Violeta).

For tutorials on blending eyeshadow watch Desi or Lusterlux videos on You Tube, I have learnt everything from these two. As long as you have a good blending brush in your kit you can create this look easily.

I love warming the eyes up with eyeshadow underneath, I like using a bolder colour than the lid (Realgar) and blending it in with a more neutral colour (Burnt Orange).

Don’t forget to add highlighter to your tear duct, give it some sparkle!!

Add some mascara and your favourite lip colour and then you’re all set. πŸ‘„

Here I am wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in colour ‘Stripped’.

Just remember, no makeup looks nice when you first apply it… You look like a Native American with your concealer… Wednesday Adams with your black eyeshadow …. just remember that it all comes together.

My number one tip is …. blend, blend, blend. You have patchy foundation? Blend it in with the sponge. You have applied too much bronzer? Blend it in with a clean brush or your beauty blender. Your eyeshadow looks like a rainbow? Blend, blend, blend. Once everything is blended in you will look flawless. πŸ’…πŸΌ

I hope this post helps you all and gives you an insight into my fave products. If you feel a video tut is going to help you more then just give me a message.

Lots of love my old mucka’s


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