Surround yourself with tacos, not negativity!

Now, I'm the first person to openly admit I have absolutely zero confidence, and yea, it affects me on a daily basis. However, I never actually realised how much other people feel the same as me, especially those close to me. Hannah has been one of my best friends for over fifteen years, and we've shared sooooo many good memories together.

I've always been the first to banter her on some of the clothes she wears, obviously not maliciously, but she wears jeans that have a crotch down to her ankles and a waist that could fit us both in. All she ever says is "THEY'RE COMFY." I mean, I'm all for comfort hun, but I don't know how walking round pulling your jeans up every two minute is comfortable.

So on Thursday evening she came round to see me, in her Jeremy Kyle 'Full time Mummy on the dole' outfit. Now I'm all for the bun on top of the head and in sweats look, but this is Hannah's every day look, and frankly it doesn't flatter her in the slightest. I'm a straight cock and bull type of person and if I think someone can do better I'll tell them. I'm not being biased because she's my best friend, but she's a stunning girl and deserves to be complimented on it.

The real issue is that she has absolutely zero confidence, and it breaks my heart. She's got a heart of gold, flawless skin, gorgeous curly hair and a striking smile. But what I see in her, she doesn't see in herself. As hypocritical as it sounds, I'm the exact same and I cannot stand a compliment, because I always feel it's being said as a joke and to take the mick. Now I can deal with my own low self esteem but I couldn't deal seeing my friend like that.

Sooooooo, the 'Common As Muck' blogger from Yorkshire decided to give Gok Wan a run for his money.

Hannah is not like me, she's not big into makeup, hair or 'fashionable' clothes, she likes to be comfy and natural. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, it's just how you style it and put it all together. You know me, everything is on a budget and I always wear black. So I decided to transform Hannah into a toned down version of me for the evening.

I teamed together a black off the shoulder oversized jumper from Boohoo, that is baggy enough to hide a multitude of sins but still look fashionable, with a pair of black Wonder Fit skinny jeans from Asda. In my opinion, all black from top to bottom is extremely flattering as it makes the silhouette appear longer. So we decided to go for a midi heel block boot, because of course it was raining. 😑 The jacket is from Primark and it adds a nice pop of colour to the outfit, it has an adjustable waist, which creates an illusion that you have a waist, even if you don't believe you do. The length is extremely flattering because it glides over them bits you like to hide, like your back fat, bloated belly, Kim K arse or thick thighs.

Can we just appreciate how stunning she looks on these photos? She's completely glowing from within and that to me is confidence. When it came to taking these photos she had so much sass, confidence and just smiled throughout. It's such a simple outfit yet it makes a massive difference, and you can tell how happy she looks. Her smile just melts my heart.

I sent these photos to my friends, my Mum and even my boyfriend and everyone said how gorgeous she looks.

I really hope that this little transformation makes Hannah realise how pretty she really is, and what a fab body she has, I would kill for her thin legs. 😫

I hate to see girls get so down about the way they look because they don't fit in that stereotype image. Well, I'll just put it out there, I love following the Kardashians and all these 'in personalities' but this image they have is not real. It's all paid for, it's all photoshopped and it's completely unrealistic.

Some girls aren't born naturally thin, does that make them less beautiful? Does it chuff. The same goes to girls who struggle to put weight on, you be yourself and be proud of the body you have. Nothing is more attractive than confidence, and just because you see imperfections in yourself, it doesn't mean that someone else views it the same. It might be perfection to them …

I will soon post a makeup and hair blog post to help you create this simple, natural and effortless look.

Lots of love my old mucka'.


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