The Ivory Game

I finally plucked up the courage to watch The Ivory Game on Netflix, and it was exactly how I anticipated it to be… emotional.

Elephants are among the most intelligent creatures on the planet. Their complex social relationships, kinship bonds, and capacity for emotions makes them unique in the animal kingdom. They are the gardeners of the forest and the keepers of the savannas. Without them the biodiversity in these ecosystems would collapse. In the past 100 years African elephant populations have been reduced by 97%. More than 50% of Africa’s remaining elephants could be killed in the next 10 years if illegal poaching continues at the current rate. (, 2017)

When I was younger I was blessed enough to go on a holiday with my parents to Goa, India. We had a friend there who told us about a conservation centre for Elephants. It was troubling me on our holiday to see Elephants chained up and I was too young to understand why. The experience gave me the most horrific insight into how elephants are treated around the world, and all for human pleasure. The conservation gave us the chance to feed these beautiful animals, pet them, wash them and experience them in a happy safe surrounding. It broke my heart driving around Goa seeing these gorgeous animals chained up, all so people can go and have a good photo for their Instagram.

I know everyone is aware of the Ivory Trade, but to what extent are you actually aware? To watch the programme and see it happening, and to actually listen to the statistics, it's unbelievably scary to think about what is happening. The most distressing fact for me is that the poachers want Elephants to become extinct; if they become extinct it means Ivory will become more rare to find, which in turn means higher selling prices.

So basically, lets go and kill these animals so we can all make a few thousand, that we will probably piss up the wall and have absolutely nothing to show for it. I mean, we can all have a Rolex, and a few pair of designers shoes to show for it, worth it right? Oh, and of course it makes you a well rounded human being and by far the most humane person on this planet.

Lets all just sit back and appreciate these beautiful ornaments, that were handcrafted from the tusks of Elephants. I mean, say if you killed the largest of the herd which is notoriously the mother, you may as well kill the baby elephants along with her. Because a lot of people don't know that like human beings, the baby elephants depend on their Mother for several years to help grow into strong, independent leaders. Without their mother they are at higher risk in the wild of starvation, dehydration and being hunted.

So frankly if anyone thinks that it's worth killing these animals for money or some fancy accessory, then in my mind you should be given a death sentence yourself.

It breaks my heart to see human beings destroying this beautiful planet, full of exquisite

The reason why I wanted to do this post is to make people aware that change can still happen, and we can help to keep these animals from becoming extinct. We can help to raise money to build fences, to stop Elephants from tramping on local farm lands which will stop retaliation. We can raise awareness to make the Ivory trade completely illegal around the world, and to help fund charities who investigate leads on poachers and help to imprison them.

Please check out to read more about the Ivory trade and threat of extinction, and of course watch The Ivory Game on Netflix. Also, check out to donate money and see other ways of fundraising to help and save these beautiful creatures.

Thank you for reading my blog and for making a difference.


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