Organisation on a budget 

I always get questions on how I organise my makeup and beauty products, so I thought I would do a blog post to show you and let you know where I get it all from. 

I mean, I absolutely love interior design and if I had an unlimited flow of money then my decor would change weekly. However, I’m a poor as hell student. I constantly look back and regret that large McDonald’s and mozzy bites I bought the day before, but ya’ know I’m a growing girl and I’ve got to eat right? 🙄

I have such issues with everything being organised and in the correct place. What I’ve done obviously won’t be the taste of others but, if you’re a little organised freak like me then I think you might love it…


Firstly, let’s start with the dressing table… I go through so many beauty pads and ear buds and I can’t stand them in a drawer where they could potentially get dirty. 😩 As you can see I clearly go through a lot of M&M’s as well. I mean, I loved the idea of candy in a jar for show, (like you see on KUWTK), however unlike them I am such a greedy pig and I dip my hand in all the time- oops. 

The two jars and the vase are from TK Maxx, which is without a doubt my favourite store! As a rough estimate I would say that all three of them are worth about £20! Bargain right? Once I get bored of them in my bedroom they’ll move to the kitchen where I’ll store my pasta. 😜

So this is a better view of them on my dressing table. The mirror and chair are also from TK Maxx, like the majority of my bedroom furniture. 🙄  

So inside my dressing table I keep all my face products in one drawer and all my makeup brushes in another. 

So in here I have some little acrylic boxes that my best friend gave me, you can definitely pick them up on Amazon or EBay for cheap. They’re great to store them little bits that you would completely lose in your drawer, like your tweezers, pimple popper etc. 

I like to keep my makeup brushes separate from each other, one tray is for eyeshadow brushes and the other is for face brushes. Now believe it or not these are fridge trays that I picked up for less than a tenner (of course from TK Maxx). They’re perfect because they’re so easy to clean and they’re really deep and long. This is one of the acrylic boxes my friend gave me, which is great for my beauty blenders because it helps to stop them drying out so fast. 

I’ve struggled for ages to find suitable ideas on how I can store my makeup, I’ve already got mystorage for my makeup but I had no where to put it all. So when I came across this beauty in TK Maxx I just had to get it. Now, I know this isn’t necessarily a budget piece but it was around £130 and I think it’s such a bargain! I’m planning on moving out soon so it’s such a great investment… I like justifying spending my money. 🙄

Now I know my makeup collection is no Desi Perkins or Lutrelux buttttttt it’s a little bit too much to throw in a makeup bag. On the far left  is where I keep all my my big palette’s, and majority of them are in an acrylic letter holder that I bought from Amazon. The drawers where I keep all my lipsticks, lip glosses, concealers etc. are also from Amazon. The lipstick holders are from EBay for like 99p. The big shoe box drawers are from the Container Store, they’re so deep and fit a tonne of makeup in them! They were also like $8 each. I mean, I did buy them when I lived in New York, but I’m sure they do international shipping so check them out. 

So yeah, that’s it really. That’s how I keep all my beauty products organised. To say that it’s all on a budget I think it’s pretty effective. I mean, one day I’ll have a huge makeup collection that’s the size of a bedroom and I’ll be able to show you all that. But for now, here’s my cheap ass way of looking like you have money … 

I hope this gave you all some inspiration, send me your pics over on Instagram @khristiemarielawton

Links for products are below: 

Acrylic letter holder

Acrylic drawers –

Container store –

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