You’re too fat for the high street! 

First off, I’ve always been a bigger build than majority of my friends and I’ve always struggled with my weight. Especially since I was diagnosed with Lipoedema and Lymphodema I’ve struggled to keep my weight off, I can’t take part in a lot of exercise classes that I used to because I’m in constant pain with my legs. 

Since last summer I’ve definitely piled on some pounds, however I would say I’ve only gone up one dress size (usually). So, on Friday I was at Clothes Show Live in Liverpool and I watched a ‘Ways To Wear’ talk by River Island. They showed a gorgeous pair of high waisted wide leg trousers and I just knew I had to get them. I mean, they were so me!

Gorgeous right?

So, that night I decided my credit card needed to treat me and I ordered them in a size 16 & 18. Now, I’m usually a size 14/16 in trousers but because of my Lipoedema I struggle with trousers to fit round my legs so I normally go a size up and then I take them in at the waist. 

Now, this is where the fat shaming begins. I came home from a fat TGI’s and decided to try them on which is normally a bad idea anyway because I’m hella bloated. But … I went straight in with the size 18 pants and I just comfortably fastened them up. So of course I was devastated, I know I struggle with my legs getting into trousers but my waist is usually a size 12. If I ordered dresses or skirts or anything that is fitted around the waist I order a 12/14. So the fact I could only just fit into a size 18 pair of pants made me feel so ashamed. I felt so guilty for going on a date night and having a nice meal. First thing I thought was how I needed to do a shake diet and sort myself out. Of course I went downstairs to my Mum and nearly cried, how could I have gone from a size 12 to an 18 in such a short amount of time? 

Wise words from my Mother made me realise that it isn’t me and that the sizing is disgusting and embarrassing. As you can see I paired the trousers next to a high waisted skirt which is a size 12 … can you see much of a difference? Because I sure as hell can’t. To say that they are four sizes apart the different in inches tell a completely different story. 

I thought it would be important to do this post because I struggle daily with anxiety and weight issues and I know that a mass amount of girls do. We get shamed so much about our bodies and are always told to be a healthy size 12 or 14. Well how on earth can a girl be a size when high street shops clearly define a size different to each other? 

It’s absolutely disgusting how often we get shamed and it’s no wonder girls get eating disorders. As soon as I realised I barely fit in these pants I ‘knew’ I had to starve myself for the next week or so and get some timber off. 

Moral of the story is girls… Fuck the norm, fuck the haters and fuck the high street! 🖕🏼

Don’t be put down or shamed because of a size you should be but you’re not, just be you! 


One thought on “You’re too fat for the high street! 

  1. I love this post! everyone I know has struggled with their size in many ways. Doesn’t matter what anyone’s size is from 6 to 20 we’re all beautiful and we need to stick together and not let the media tell us we’re supposed to look a certain way.

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