How to take your outfit from day to night

So, it’s common that when we’ve been monging about all day or at work we politely decline our friends when they ask us if we fancy a few. 9/10 this is because we ‘don’t know what to wear’. The thing is, it’s so easy to style your outfit that you’re already wearing to fit for a night time purpose. I mean unless you’re going to a black tie event then this ain’t ever gonna happen, but apart from that you will be surprised at how well you can change your outfit with a fresh pair of shoes.

Today I’ve been at work in a pair of fur slides, jeans and a oversized polo neck jumper with a baseball cap. I wanted to be comfortable and that I was. But I was debating whether to go out for a few after work to go and watch the football match, and I really couldn’t be bothered to get changed. 

I’ve put together this collage for you to see how easy it is to transform your outfit from day to night. It’s the same oversized jumper and jeans but all I’ve done is added a pair of heels and a dressy jacket, and that’s it you’re ready to go out. Depending on where you live you could definitely pull the outfit off with your baseball cap as well. I live in Doncaster so if you’re not wearing a chavvy  baseball cap then you’re seen as a posh bugger anyway, so I would definitely keep it on. 

It saves so much time, effort and meltdowns by just following these little advice tips. 

Go home, put some lippy on, dig your heels out and go for a few Pornstar Martinis to finish off your weekend!

Enjoy and don’t forget to tag me in your pictures on Instagram @khristiemarielawton

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