So you’ve bought some culottes, now how do you style them?

Style Your Culottes
I’m absolutely obsessed with culottes this season! Personally I struggle to find trousers that flatter my body shape as my legs are extremely out of proportion compared to my top half, so culottes are the one for me. 

If you’re more bottom heavy like me then try a culotte that has pleats down the front, it gives more room and they won’t cling to your legs. My favourite culottes are pleated all the way across the front, it gives the illusion that your legs are slim, love! 

However, if you’re fortunate enough to have little legs then you’re lucky enough to wear any style of culotte, you go Glen Coco! But for the purpose of this blog post I have chosen pleated culottes so girls of all shapes and sizes can feel inspired to finally purchase a pair! 

I can definitely understand why people initially find it hard to style a pair of culottes, if it’s not a pair of jeans then they tend to be put straight back on the clothes rack. Fortunately, social media and internet shopping has grown and grown over the past five years, and this has made it much more accessible for us to find inspiration on ways to style items. 

I’m all about shopping on a budget, I haven’t got time or money to be finding a pair of culottes that look good for casual, then one that looks good at night. No, no, no, that’s way to much commitment to be ‘stylish’, I work at Costa do you think they pay enough for me to buy the whole of Miss Guided? Unfortunately not. 

I’m pretty sure that every occasion I’ve chosen you could find something similar in your wardrobe to team them up with. If not then don’t worry, just check out the list of items below (because of course they’re all budget pieces) and if not I’m sure you can find something in good old Primark that’s just about the same. 

I mean, some pieces that I’ve chosen like the pair of Adidas Superstars are not neccasrily cheap but I’m a big lover of trainers, and trust me if I could wear my Superstars with every outfit then I would. If you’re paying big dollar for some trainers then one would expect to get your wear out of them? But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with teaming them with some trainers from Primark, or any high street brand. I love the trainers at Zara! 

Culottes are definitely a versatile piece of clothing, just like your jeans. Don’t be afraid to try them out and style them up… or down. I wear mine to University with trainers and I wear the same pair on the weekend with some form of blouse and heels. Get your wear out of them! 

Hopefully you’ll all be straight down to the high street at the weekend to buy your culottes, or internet shopping whatever tickles your fancy. Bring them home and try them on with blazers, coats, t-shirts, crop tops, whatever you already have in your wardrobe. Trust me, you’ll be surprised at how much they go with. 

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Happy Shopping xo

Satin top
£36 –

WithChic long sleeve shirt
£14 –

Tee and Cake longline shirt
£28 –

Blue Vanilla cut out crop top
£21 –

River Island blazer jacket
£88 –

Denim jacket
£32 –

Adidas shoes
£64 –

Dune low heel shoes

Paprika slip on mule
£20 –

Boohoo black slip-on shoes
£20 –

MANGO metallic purse
£56 –

Nine West floral purse
£36 –

Quay pink lens sunglasses

Quay pink sunglasses

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